Evolution of piracy at sea: pirates in maritime 2020

There is a 24% increase in piracy due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has shut down many businesses and job opportunities around the world. The temptation of a little quick money led many to choose the illegal path - Maritime Piracy.

Maritime Recruitment Strategies & Crewing Systems

Anyone who has a part to play in hiring crew for their shipping company or clients’ vessels, knows that maritime recruitment isn’t as simple...
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Marine Digital FOS (Fuel Optimization System) allows a shipping company to reduce fuel consumption

Fuel consumption optimization systems not only provide the amount of fuel used during the voyage but also provide additional data related to fuel usage and vessel performance monitoring.

Increase Crew Retention with Crewing Software

Crew retention can be an issue in small to medium sized shipping companies with many facing a constant struggle to fill certain seafarer vacancies...

The relevance of Vessel Performance Monitoring for shipping companies

How can shipping companies control the reduction of air emissions for a vessel or even a fleet? How to control the performance of the units, accordingly, prevent accidents and make navigation safe?

No rules on autonomous ships for another 10 years – at least

That'll be fun to watch, but also in a way expected. It is hard to set rules before the technologies have matured...

Enel to launch hydrogen business as part of green drive

Hydrogen is one of those game changers in the energy market and a great fuel for ships. It's nothing new: research on...

Korea’s Grand Challenge deadline on June 25

There's no need to say why this is important, this is one of the largest acceleration programmes in the world from a...

Ensuring efficiency and safety in electric vessels (TrAM-webinar)

Initially I thought I would have time for all these great webinars during the Corona lockdown but there are so many and...

Jeff Bezos invests in UK digital freight forwarder Beacon

“With digitalisation accelerating globally as a result of COVID-19, we believe the future of the traditional freight forwarder is more precarious than...