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Crewing | Shipping Companies & Seafarers

It's well-known that crewing can be a huge issue for many small to medium-sized shipping companies. At the same time if you are a seaman it's tough to find a new job in reputable shipping companies, finding yourself in a new ship with good living conditions.

Maritime technology challenges 2030

Technology can help solve environmental problems for shipping and improve operational efficiency. The current rate of innovation is high, especially with the introduction of digitalization and new transformative technologies of cyber-physical systems
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Ocean Solutions Exchange – Offshore Energy

Join us for our virtual discussion to learn from global industry experts about opportunities to solve major ocean sector problems.

How an SaaS Makes Sourcing Seafarers Easier

It’s no secret that maritime recruitment can be a struggle for many small to medium sized shipping companies. We’ve discussed the issues around crew retention...
Big Data in Maritime and Shipping

Big Data in Maritime: How a shipping company can effectively use data

Key uses of big data in shipping and logistics: analytics for shipowners, data engineering, vessel performance and fleet situational management.

SMM digital approaching fast!

Given the current Covid-19 situation, SMM will take place digitally this year. Mark the dates: February 02-05 2020. The event will be...
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The road ahead in digital transformation

Inmarsat and LLoyd's list recently published the results of a survey conducted in May 2020 regarding the digitalization attitudes and trends in...

No rules on autonomous ships for another 10 years – at least

That'll be fun to watch, but also in a way expected. It is hard to set rules before the technologies have matured...

Enel to launch hydrogen business as part of green drive

Hydrogen is one of those game changers in the energy market and a great fuel for ships. It's nothing new: research on...

Korea’s Grand Challenge deadline on June 25

There's no need to say why this is important, this is one of the largest acceleration programmes in the world from a...