This is so real we can hear it bleat…

1) What if Google Builds It?  (@pravesh)

2) We don’t invest in hardware (only to find out that they led a round for hardware) (@peterjcolbert)

3) I don’t think this can be a venture scale business. (@kirbywinfield)

4) But how will you manage being a mom AND running a startup? (@hustlefundvc)

5) We’d be interested when we see a bit more traction. (@msuster)

6) Maybe you should raise more and grow quicker. (@justinpushas)

7) Come back when you have a lead (@stefanopep3)

8) Let me know how I can help!  Founder asks for help. *crickets* (@quan)

9) Nothing. They ghost you. (@ameetshah)

10) Contact us if you like but we prefer warm introductions. (@cwlucas)

12) Why hasn’t this been done before? (@jacobshiach)

13) How can this be a billion dollar company? (@rkorny)

14) What’s the moat? (for a seed stage company) (@chloealpert)

15) We’re going to pass but will be cheering for you from the sidelines. (@comaddox)

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