Not many of us enjoy the thought of sitting down and writing our resume when we’re looking for a new job. Which is why Martide has made it easier than ever for seafarers to search and apply for vacancies, and keep track of their applications with our user-friendly website and mobile app.

To apply for our seafarer jobs, an applicant needs to register an account with Martide. Then they can create a User Profile – this is where their online resume for a seaman is stored.

The best thing about this is, once they’ve created a profile and filled in their personal information, that’s the one and only time they’ll ever have to do it.

How a software solution helps seafarers build an online resume

A seafarer’s profile page is broken down into sections including everything you’d expect to find on a CV, such as work experience, education, and personal info. And because this is shipping, other specialized relevant information is included too, including physical specifications, emergency contacts, medical documents, visas, endorsements and certificates. 

And thanks to the simple visual layout, it’s really easy to fill in or edit any of the sections as well.

We also make allowances for a seaman’s unique circumstances, such as allowing different entries for next of kin and emergency contact, and different home addresses. 

We also have a handy feature that allows seafarers to include a percentage figure if they wish for their salary to be split between different bank accounts. They can state what % they want to be paid to each account and they can also enter as many bank accounts as they like.

And of course, we want to help seafarers find the right jobs for them (and we want employers and manning agents to be able to quickly and easily search and filter seafarer information so they can find the right candidates too!) so there is also a section where a seafarer can add information about their preferred vessel type, including preferred minimum and maximum DWT and engine, minimum and maximum salary, preferred contract length and availability date.

A safe way to upload and store crucial documents online

Obviously the medical documents, certifications, licenses, endorsements, flag state information, seaman’s book, passport and visas a seafarer has contain vital information for shipowners and managers. Martide’s platform lets seamen securely store copies of all of these online, all in one place.

This not only makes life easier for the seafarer, but helps to make maritime recruitment and document validation far easier too.

Other benefits of creating a seafarer resume online

We’ve also made it easy for seafarers and employers or manning agents to download and print a PDF copy of Martide resumes so that if a candidate wants to give a hard copy to an employer they can, and employers can also have a copy to refer to in an interview or to keep in a physical file.  

Martide also has an in-built email messages feature which makes it far easier for employers, manning agents and seafarers to stay in touch with one another – all without leaving our platform.

It’s all about centralizing maritime recruitment and the search for seafarer jobs, and making the already stressful business of meeting crew change dates and lining up contracts easier for everyone!

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