Virtual Reality (VR) is already known to be effective for teaching hard skills and emergency preparedness. Some examples include firefighting, SAR, bunkering operations and crane operator simulations and more. These VR experiences aim to maximize knowledge retention and improve safety on board.

But many employees also need to learn how to manage their cognitive and soft skills, important for safety critical workplaces all around maritime industry. This is where CleverPoint Marine comes in.

So how does VR measure up as a training and assessment tool of employee core skills?

Neuroscientists have taken tremendous interest in exploring VR, because of how immersive technology acts on the brain while creating a safe space. There are several scientific principles that VR is able to maximize, unlike any other forms of immersion like role play and 2D simulations:

Coordination – VR experiences create a full-body experience that increases user engagement
Perception – Interactions in the virtual environment mimic the physical world to activate the same neural pathways in the brain.
Safety – Safety is paramount in the maritime industry. VR simulators contribute to an increased level of safety on the ship simulating accidents and unexpected events without any risk of harm or damage to crew or equipment
Validity – In VR, users make decisions in the virtual environment just like they would in the real world, and those decisions have a direct impact on the experience.
Emotions – The VR experience invokes a sense of presence that creates realistic emotional responses.

VR evokes lifelike responses at both behavioral and psychophysiological level and therefore increases ecological validity of psychological experiments and assessments.

For Organizations, Virtual Reality provides an opportunity to both care for employee well-being and improve productivity. Organizations have an obligation to protect the safety and wellbeing of their employees, whether they are office based, working alone or in hazardous environments

At CleverPoint Marine we started pioneering virtual reality environment together with latest developments in neurotechnology to measure cognitive abilities, workability and psychophysiological states, forming a complete and reliable solution for maritime professionals.

If you’d like to find out more about how CleverPoint Marine help in Your employee upskilling and wellbeing, contact our specialist team.