Our new series of talks with startup founders, Fairleads, got a great start with the founders of 10ure, VesselJoin and SeaFair. You can find the three exciting talks on our YouTube channel. Our guests are addressing very important issues related to maritime recruitment, transparency, job finding, people discovery, career management. The aftertaste is extremely positive on how technology and the work of visionary founders can bring so much better solutions to the difficult lives of seafarers, the people that ensure that the world commerce moves around the globe and bring goods to our homes.

Fairleads is an initiative of Marine Startups to talk to startup founders about their businesses, their vision and their venture to date. We want to learn from the makers how they did it, how they see their industry and help the rest of us understand what it takes to put together a successful business in the ocean economy space. Fairleads will address specific topics in regular intervals and invite founders in one to one interviews.