We’ve seen China building hospitals in a few days to provide immediate care to its people. Meanwhile Bernard-Henri Lévy is pointing out that “We’ve made progress in civilisation. We’re in a world today when life comes first and life has become sacred, which it wasn’t 50 or 60 years ago. And this is beautiful. This idea that life is sacred, it’s extraordinary progress.”

So where are the hospitals in the rest of the world? Providing capacity to the health systems combined with isolation and extensive testing could have been key to avoid the looming financial mayhem. Consider that this is not the last time we will confront a pandemic in the very near future.

Alego believes that its innovative modular ships could provide a solution at least to the emergency hospitalization capacity problem. It makes sense: they can be quick to set up and repurposed when not needed as hospitals. They can scale and provide the so much needed capacity in developed and developing economies.

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