Recruitment and crew management are two of the cornerstones on which companies in the maritime industry are built. And they are changing almost beyond recognition as the use of technology in shipping becomes ever-more prevalent. But rather than being something to be feared or looked upon with suspicion, digitization can provide huge benefits to those who choose to embrace it.

A successful shipowner or ship manager knows that efficiency is everything. Finding qualified crew, checking documents, arranging visas and flights, and negotiating contracts all in time for a crew change over date can be stressful to say the least.

There are so many cogs in the machinery of crew management that they need to be running the tightest ship possible. And yes, that pun was intended!

So how do shipping companies pull all those various strands of their marine recruitment operations and crewing systems together? 

They need to be using systems that have been designed and built for maximum efficiency. And that means adopting certain technologies such as cloud computing. 

Martide’s platform is an SaaS created specifically for the maritime industry. We provide shipowners and ship managers with the tools they need to manage their shipping company’s recruitment and crew management operations. And they don’t need to worry about how it all works behind the scenes because we take care of that for them!

When adopting a cloud-based solution for recruitment and crew management companies will benefit from one simple point of access. Literally everything they need to find, interview, hire and manage crew will all be in one place. 

This is what’s known as an integrated system. They’ll be able to view candidate profiles, documents, vessel portfolios, and job vacancies without needing to log in to numerous different websites, programs or applications.

The cloud provides access to more candidates

Thanks to the cloud, Martide’s SaaS platform gives seafarers and shipowners from across the globe a way to connect with each other. Seafarers can find jobs, shipping companies can advertise them, and both parties can communicate with each other through our secure messaging feature. 

Shipowners or managers with a Martide account will be able to use filters to find the right seafarers for their requirements. That means they can refine their searches so if they’re looking to fill chief engineer jobs there’s no need to sort through endless profiles of junior electricians or ordinary seamen. 

The cloud also provides secure and convenient document storage. The maritime industry is heavily documented. Organizations need access to all of the necessary seafarer documents before they sign off on a contract with a candidate. 

Martide makes that easy by allowing them to upload copies of certificates to the system where they’ll be stored in one convenient, secure location for easy viewing. 

Better integration provides the tools to work more efficiently

It’s no secret that recruitment in the maritime industry has many different moving parts. 

Martide’s integrated crewing system brings together everything a shipowner needs to streamline their recruitment processes: an Applicant Tracking System, HR and recruitment, crew management tools, and access to audited manning agents. They’re all there in our one seamless software solution. 

But what if they’re already using a legacy recruitment system? That is to say – what if a company has an older software program, website or application they’ve been using for years to manage recruitment and crew management? Won’t switching to Martide rock the boat? Cause massive disruption to their crewing systems?

The answer to that is no.

Switching to Martide doesn’t eliminate legacy recruitment systems but in fact improves upon them. It allows for the outsourcing of a vessel through a single source. By bringing together all of these systems, shipowners can view candidates that they may not have otherwise been aware of. 

And seafarers can view vacant jobs at sea that they might have missed too!

A secure, scalable and sensible solution for shipowners and managers

At Martide we comply with the standards that have been set by leading classification societies to stay in accordance with the STCW. That means a shipping company’s standards and procedures will fulfill the requirements of QHSE and the ISM code. They will also be GDPR compliant.

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