The way shipping companies handle their business practices are changing as the onslaught of technology and increased regulations pile on the pressure in maritime recruitment and the industry in general. However this increase in a reliance on technology should be seen as a good thing. For example, it’s providing seamen with new ways of finding seafarer jobs on outsourced vessels worldwide. And this is all thanks to integrated maritime recruitment.

The concept of using integrated technology to find candidates and/or employment is far from new. But some companies in the shipping industry have fully embraced it by taking the sluggish processes within traditional maritime recruitment systems, refining them, and combining them into one powerful tool for efficiency. In this traditional industry the need to adapt is crucial and shipping companies are advised to keep abreast of changes if they want to keep ahead of their competitors.

Why you should adopt integrated maritime recruitment

Integrated systems allow for more opportunities for seafarers as they are not bound by just the information and resources that they are aware of, and instead have access to recruitment resources from across the globe, including some which might have previously been unknown to them. And that could include the seafarer jobs that you are advertising too!

Martide is championing integrated recruitment

Martide is an integrated platform that allows both seafarers and employers to create profiles and access each other’s information in order to find their ideal contract or candidate.

Seafarers are able to search for opportunities, filtering positions based on their expertise, rank, and other qualifications, and quickly and efficiently find a ship. Additional filters allow for vacant jobs at sea to be refined by vessel type, salary range, employer, and a variety of other factors. Best of all they can do this on our website or on our mobile app that we’ve developed to help busy seamen on the go find their next contract no matter where in the world they are. No laptop required!

Likewise, shipowners and managers can also filter candidates in the database by their rank, experience and qualifications. This means less time spent reading endless resumes and weeding out unsuitable candidates and more time spent focusing on the right person for your seafarer jobs. And because all of the relevant information about a seafarer is entered into his or her profile, as well as supporting documentation such as proof of qualifications and medical examinations, it means that there is no mad panic to collate and send documents every time you find a great candidate for one of your jobs at sea.

Martide is your one-stop shop for maritime recruitment

Martide also assists with flight and travel planning for seafarers once they have been contracted for a position, meaning that every task and part of the recruitment process – or pipeline as we call it – can be achieved through the platform. What that means for you as a company in the maritime industry is less time to hire, less hassle and more chance of filling vacant seafarer jobs before that all-important crew change date!

As a shipowner or manager you’ll be able to adopt integrated recruitment by bringing all of your candidate sourcing interview management, contract negotiation and hiring all into one secure and scalable place. Our platform even lets you build wage scales and budgets (ideal if math isn’t your strong point!) so you can be sure of staying within your financial limits when it comes to crew management.

Want to find out more about how Martide’s integrated maritime recruitment platform can help you drive candidate engagement and streamline your processes? Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to schedule a no-strings-attached demo for you so you can see what we’re all about.

Eve Jones for Marine Startups