Text: Eve Jones

At Martide, we’re passionate about making life more streamlined and less complicated, and we understand the shipping industry inside and out. As specialists in online crew management and maritime recruitment, we have particular insight into the challenges that shipowners and managers face when trying to source and recruit qualified candidates for their vessels.

We began life as the seed of an idea that grew from a conversation our tech-loving CEO had one evening with an acquaintance in the maritime industry. After a huge amount of painstaking research, many late nights, frustrating battles with code, and a good deal of determination Martide was born. Since then, we’ve evolved into a team of truly diverse people who are scattered across the globe: we’re coders, developers, managers, marketers, business developers, writers, recruiters, designers and more. But despite our locations and different skill sets, there’s one thing we all have in common: to continue making waves in the shipping industry by changing the way that shipowners and crew managers recruit seafarers. 

Connecting seafarers with great employers

Our Software as a Service has been specially developed for small and medium sized shipping companies to help them regain control of their recruitment processes. We know that sourcing, interviewing and hiring staff in the maritime industry isn’t like ‘traditional’ recruitment: the sheer amount of permutations in any given fleet, vessel and contract have put paid to that! But once we’d identified the need to simplify the recruitment process it was like an itch that we just had to scratch, and so here we are. 

We streamline hiring by pulling all aspects of the recruitment process all into one place. For shipowners and managers that means being able to customise their own recruitment pipeline – that’s Martide speak for the hiring process. We arm employers with the tools they need to create and manage as many of these pipelines as they need. That includes full access to our database of candidates, including their detailed profiles. Best of all, shipowners will only see the seafarers who are qualified for the position they’re seeking to fill – no more endless sorting through unqualified or unsuitable candidates!

The very nature of shipping means that often, face to face interviews just aren’t possible. That’s why we’ve also created an interview pipeline that is structured to an employer’s exact requirements. Think of it like building blocks: different segments and their corresponding questions that make it easy to tailor an interview for a position, while ensuring effortless communication – even if a seafarer is thousands of miles away.

We’ve also taken into consideration the fact that while some shipping companies like to maintain complete control over their recruitment process, others prefer to outsource their crewing needs to a manning agent. Our system allows for both, giving employers as much, or as little input as they desire, while ensuring that the entire process is completely open and transparent.

And it’s not just shipping companies who are benefiting from our online maritime recruitment solution. For the seafarer, this means access to a maritime jobs board that boasts numerous postings across all ranks, and all with some of the most respected names in the shipping industry.

A centralised meeting point for all parties

One thing we were adamant about when building our system is that it must make life easier for the people who use it. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a solution if it made the daily grind more complex and frustrating! That’s why we’ve taken great pains to ensure that Martide’s SaaS platform is able to integrate with many of the legacy recruitment and crewing systems a shipowner or manager might already use. Thanks to our cloud-based offering, we’re in the unique position of being able to enhance crewing operations by connecting shipping companies, new and existing manning agents, and seafarers.

We’ve developed a strong reputation for delivering a consistently excellent standard of service and we work in close partnership with our clients to provide them with skilled, experienced and certified crew members. And we also bring some of the most exciting marine opportunities in the world to our seafaring candidates.

Sounds interesting? If you’d like to find out more about how Martide can help you simplify and centralise your recruitment and crew management processes, request a demo now.

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