The breadth of the Ocean Economy that Marine Startups is addressing is vast and goes well beyond the shipping operations optimization. One of the most lucrative yet often overlooked segments by startups is the yachting sector. Unlike the mainstream market for performance and operations software and hardware for seagoing vessels, which is saturated, with low margins and high barriers to entry, the yachting sector offers a large playground for technologies, warrants more profitable pricing strategies and is underserved.

The Superyacht Innovation Report is a valuable resource for the innovation in this sector as well as upcoming rules and regulations. Every centimeter of the superyacht seems to be an opportunity for startups: from design, maintenance, propulsion, performance, equipment, sustainability, luxury, fun. It is all there. Browsing through the pages of the report gives a pretty clear picture of the industry: unscathed from freight rates fluctuation, indifferent to world commerce business cycles. Cutting edge technology and services are deployed in a different takt for uniqueness and high performance. Certainly a worthwhile reading and useful resource.