Martide exists to help make life easier for shipping companies when it comes to sourcing seafarers for their vacancies whilst also pulling all of the different strands of recruitment and crew planning together into one cohesive whole.

So how exactly do we do that? Through our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which has been designed specifically to meet the needs of shipowners and ship managers. (As well as to help seafarers to find their next contract at sea.)

Here we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of Software as a Service solutions for the maritime industry.

5 benefits of using Software as a Service in maritime recruitment

1. An SaaS is more affordable

When compared to traditional software, an SaaS solution is often more affordable. That’s because with the traditional model, not only does the user have to buy the software application or program themselves, they then also need to install and configure it – or pay someone else to do that for them.

Because Software as a Service is stored in the cloud in a shared environment and used on a rental basis – usually on a monthly subscription – the license costs are often lower than bought software. That monthly fee will normally include customer service, maintenance, and upgrades – the cost of which is split between all users.

And this also means that there will be no huge, up-front cost to beg the accounts department for to pay for the software!

2. Users can get started almost immediately

One of the other great things about implementing a Software as a Service, is that it’s usually set up and ready to start using more or less straight away.

All a company needs is internet access and a web browser on any connected device – laptop, computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Traditional software can require a lengthy implementation process of weeks – or even longer, whilst SaaS users don’t need to wait for anything to be installed on their computers: they can log in and access it immediately.

Plus this means that the issues that are normally associated with new software installations are eliminated.

3. Users can work from anywhere in the world

Traditional software is installed on the server and the computers in a company’s office. If employees want to work remotely, or while commuting or traveling, they won’t be able to access that particular software.

And with working from home increasingly becoming an option, people need anytime, anywhere access to all the systems and applications they need to be able to do their job.

Let’s face it, even when facing an extended period of working remotely, lugging the office desktop PC home is not really the most convenient of things!

It’s just as important to be productive from the kitchen table as it is from the office, which is where an SaaS comes into its own.

4. An SaaS will be scalable – at no extra cost

Any software solution worth its salt will evolve. Whether it’s traditional software or a Software as a Service offering. The creators of platforms, applications and programs will continue to tweak their solution, fix bugs and issues, and add new features.

That’s great, right? Well, yes it is. But if an application is traditional software that means users have to periodically install new versions or download new patches.

Employees might also miss an update which can leave the entire company vulnerable to cyber attacks if not everyone is running on the latest, most secure version.

But with an SaaS, the provider – i.e. Martide – will manage upgrades and updates on the end user’s behalf. They’ll always be running the latest version, and can be assured that they’ll have access to all of the software’s most up-to-date features and benefits.

5. A Software as a Service solution is a secure solution

Any decent provider of a Software as a Service will take every step to ensure that their platform is safe and secure for their users.

Cloud hosting offers a secure storage environment, whether a user is accessing Google Drive or Microsoft 365 – or a slightly less known entity such as Martide’s cloud-based maritime recruitment and crew management platform!

In our case, seafarer data, certificates and HR documentation are all securely stored in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access no matter which device an employer or manning agent is using.

We also take GDPR and the privacy of our employers, manning agents and seafarers very seriously.

We encrypt all data in our secure database, and as mentioned, we also operate on a shared environment principle which furthermore ensures the security of data.

The benefits of using Software as a Service: conclusion

If you’re a small to medium sized shipowner, ship manager, manning agent, or crew operator, we hope we’ve given you some food for thought! And if you’d like to know more about how Martide’s maritime recruitment and crew planning SaaS can help you create a more cohesive and integrated way of working, we’d love to hear from you.

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